By Carin Sundin (February 16, 2018)

Recent driver’s meetings for the Mini Stock Division were held at Humberstone Speedway, Merrittville Speedway, and Ohsweken Speedway.  For the first time in 20 years, all three tracks will use the same rule package in the 4 Cylinder Division.  “We need to work together to make this deal stronger” said Merrittville Owner Don Spiece.  “Bringing the rules together is good for everyone involved.”


This momentous decision will allow teams to build a car that can be raced at any, or all, of the 3 tracks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The tracks tech inspectors will work cooperatively to ensure a consistent, competitive and level playing field at each of the tracks.  “This is huge for the Mini Stocks! Said New Humberstone president Dave Bitner.  “Common rules will improve car counts and competition.”

With the 2018 season set to open in a few short months, Ohsweken, Humberstone and Merrittville are also committed to working together on promoting events for the upcoming season.  “A Series between the 3 tracks is in the works for the Mini Stocks.” Said Ohsweken’s General Manager; Clinton Geoffrey.  “We have already begun the process of building a series for 2018”

The combined efforts will not only encourage growth and a bright future of the sport but provide for an exciting 2018 season for our drivers, teams and fans.

Stay tuned for more race updates!

For more information you can contact:

Humberstone Speedway General Manager – David Bitner – Email

Merrittville Speedway Owner – Don Spiece – Email

Ohsweken Speedway General Manager – Clinton Geoffrey – Email